CPI provides full-service tutoring for students in grades 4-12. We work with all types of learners including those who may require an alternative approach to unlocking their true potential. CPI’s tutors understand that to make learning relevant, it is most effective when centered around the interests and abilities of the learner.Our tutors will take the time necessary to build professional and caring relationships with the students in order to create a positive, and productive working environment.

All of our tutors have current State of Maine Criminal History Background Checks and have graduated from top colleges and universities. Our tutors have a deep commitment to helping others learn while encouraging their students to embrace the concept of a growth mindset. CPI will contract for tutoring services directly with families/support systems or with schools looking to provide additional academic support for individuals or small groups of students.

Tutoring Subjects May Include:

STEM focus areas:

Math, Science, Digital Literacy and Technology

Humanities focus areas:

Literacy, Writing and Social Studies

TO HIRE A CPI TUTOR or to learn more about our service and rates please call CPI at (207) 400-6093 or email us at educationinnovation.me@gmail.com.

Tutoring and Academic Support, Our Philosophy

At CPI we believe that all students inherently want to learn. Over the course of years of schooling, some students begin to experience challenges with learning at both the cognitive and social and emotional levels. These challenges, when compounded, can have negative effects on an individual student’s desire to learn. At CPI we consider it our responsibility to discover where the roadblocks lay in the learning process.

Students giving one another high-fivesIs the learning hampered by disruptions in school? Are there social and emotional hurdles that are affecting a student’s capacity to learn? Are there critical background skills and understandings that remain unresolved?

Once we have an understanding of the nature of the challenges that are present, we map out a strategy to help each student move forward academically with renewed confidence. Because all students’ learning needs are different, each strategy is uniquely defined and applied with individual focus.

This means developing a strong, positive and helpful relationship between the tutor and the student. A positive and professional relationship creates the framework for increased learning and growth. When students feel supported by their tutor they are often more comfortable taking risks; the result is higher level learning, which translates to better grades and/or higher levels of academic proficiency.

At CPI we take our work responsibility seriously. For all of us this means that our tutors enter sessions with an attitude of “relentless positivity” and a deep commitment to helping students learn in ways that are relevant for the individual student.

CPI’s Academic support/Tutors

CPI partners with tutors and academic support specialists who have demonstrated excellence in meeting students “where they are” while helping to move students forward with confidence and newly acquired skills. Each member of CPI’s academic support team has elected to share their expertise with students who require extra help in order to find their potential as learners. CPI’s tutors model respect, caring, and infinite patience as they work to support the unique needs of learners. CPI tutors are either certified teachers in the state of Maine, or are current or former AmeriCorps National Service Members. All have current valid Maine State CHRC documentation.

Ruth Solow (ELA, Humanities, Spanish)

CPI Tutor, Ruth SolowRuth is an aspiring teacher and has worked with students of all ages since she graduated Grinnell College in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in English literature. She has worked as an educator facilitating team building workshops for middle schoolers all across Maine at The Leadership School at Kieve, and has coordinated the tutoring center at Bard High School Early College in Newark, New Jersey. Ruth is currently serving her second term as a SySTEM REAL AmeriCorps volunteer at the REAL School and Windham Middle School, where she assists in the classroom and offers individual tutoring. Ruth offers general homework help (including Spanish) for grades K-8 as well as specialized tutoring in English Language Arts, Social Studies, and college admissions essays at the high school level.

Austin Becicka (ELA, All STEM subjects)

CPI Tutor, Austin BecickaAustin is an aspiring coach and youth mentor who has been involved in helping students succeed since he started college.  He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and chose to assist rural Maine students gain exposure to careers in STEM by becoming a mentor through his position with SySTEM Americorps at the Katahdin Program in Raymond, Maine.  There, he plans design challenges, coordinates service learning trips, and helps students learn math, english, and science.  Austin offers tutoring for high school and middle school students in English, Math, and Science for grades 6-12 as well as homework help. As a STEM specialist, Austin can provide specialized support in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.     

Elizabeth Moran, (English Language Learner Specialist)

CPI Tutor, Elizabeth MoranElizabeth has 15 years of experience teaching English Language Learning to immigrant, refugee, and adopted students, working alongside their families and other school personnel in order to provide the best support possible, as all family members acculturate and adapt. She taught English as a foreign language in Eastern Europe, through the Peace Corps and at the International Language Training Center in Chisinau, Moldova. Elizabeth has taught adult education, middle school, and is currently a part-time, K-12 ELL teacher for the Windham-Raymond School District. Although her degree is a Master of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Boston University, 2002), Elizabeth’s philosophy of education centers on the whole child, first establishing relationships with each student, his or her family, and all professionals involved in that child’s education and mental health services. She creates student goals around language development, content academics, and social-emotional learning, while simultaneously supporting – either through direct instruction or by working with other staff – language acquisition, academic success, and, of utmost importance, a student’s love of learning.