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RECENT Professional Development Offerings:

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Ed Cervone“From the minute I walked into the venue, I could feel the energy and positive buzz. This was one of the best gatherings of educators and community leaders I have attended. Everyone there was whole-heartedly invested in creating a positive space for kids to learn. I am really looking forward to attending the next one.”
Ed Cervone, Executive Director of Educate Maine

Jodi McGuire“The conference focused distinctly and wholly on the foundational principle of what must, unquestionably, be present before students of all ages can learn: Relationships.
Moving us to tears and laughter, frequently in the same session, the presenters modeled the profound impact that connections between school adults and students can make. It was simply my favorite conference of the decade…reminding us all about why we do this work, in both inspiring and full of practical take-aways!”
Jodi McGuire, Director of Instructional Support, Yarmouth, Maine Schools

Joshua Ottow“The MAINE Event was a fantastic and eclectic professional development program for me and my staff. The overall message about positive school culture and effective interventions was just what we needed to energize us and focus our efforts heading in to the new school year. The keynote and break out presenters were top-notch and represented the eminent thinkers from educational leadership nationwide. I highly recommend that a school send its entire leadership team in the summer before they develop their goals for the upcoming school year.”
Joshua Ottow, 2015 Maine Assistant Principal of the Year

“This conference is a phenomenal experience with a myriad of resources available to everyone.  Every educator should take the opportunity to attend this conference.”
Stephen Avery, Teacher, SAD 6

“This conference is so important in helping people understand how to better reach kids. I learned many strategies here and I’m so glad that I was able to bring my entire staff! We all thought the conference was amazing.”
Charity Williams, Teaching Principal, Princeton Elementary School

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