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CPI’s Statewide Trauma-Informed Professional Development partnerships

 We know that access to quality professional development varies within the state of Maine. To address the need for high quality trainings in more rural areas of the state, CPI is offering a traveling statewide series of events. All  2-hour seminars are conveniently scheduled at 4:30-6:30pm and most are on the second Monday of each month (excluding September and December). Join us today!

CPI is awarding 2 content-hour certificates for participants.


restorative practices/restorative mindset

mt. ararat middle school

CPI is partnering with the Restorative Mindset Leadership Team at Mt. Ararat Middle School in Topsham, Maine.  This ongoing work involves collaboration and teamwork among teachers, administrators, and school counselors to better understand the tenants of the Restorative Mindset and how this framework fosters a safer and more positive community of learners.  CPI has helped the school to develop in-house expertise in restorative practices, including the facilitation of circles, restorative conversations, and culture building activities.  Using multimedia sources, academic readings, and professional learning committee time, CPI is guiding Mt. Ararat Middle School as it embraces the Restorative Mindset.

South Portland Schools together with support from SOPO Unite–All Ages all In.

CPI is offering their own Restorative Mindset course to representatives from each of South Portland’s Public Schools. This 37.5 hour course explores in depth the nature of the Restorative Mindset and the tools of Restorative Practices in schools.  Designed specifically for in-house professional development credit, this transformative experience has allowed teachers, school counselors, social workers and administrators to develop their own action projects, inspired by one of the 5 principles of the Restorative Mindset.  The collaborative nature of this intensive CPI course allows staff the time necessary to explore the true purpose of school discipline, shifting toward a more restorative culture that upholds accountability, emphasizes relationships, and teaches students how to uphold the norms that allow for a positive and vibrant learning environment.

alternative education programming

CPI is working with Freeport High School as they develop an Alternative Education Program.  With guidance from CPI, the program will now offer proficiency based learning, experiential programming, social-emotional supports, and highly individualized learning plans for each student.  The result is a more customized education for students who thrive in smaller settings with increased opportunities for experiential learning opportunities.

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