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OUR SERVICES for schools and youth-serving agencies

CPI’s School or District-wide

CONSULTING and Professional development SERVICES

CPI can assist your organization with your professional development and training goals — we have expertise in a wide array of evidence-informed practices that contribute to safe schools, positive climate, and supporting all learners.

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CPI offers customizable   trainings/workshops/consultation for school leaders/teachers/staff in:

  • Bullying Prevention
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Cognitive Neuroscience for learning, behavior, and engagement
  • Alternative learning pathways 
  • Restorative Mindset
  • Restorative Justice School Discipline 
  • Effective Practices for Positive Classroom Behavior
  • Relational Education
  • Supporting LGBTQ Students and Staff
  • Supporting English Language Learners
  • Differentiation Strategies
  • Mindfulness Practices in Schools
  • Service-Learning
  • Positive School Climate

district, school, and Staff Trainings

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Customized Restorative Justice School Discipline Action Plan


On-site analysis provides an overview of existing understandings, attitudes, practices, and outcomes with respect to student behavior. Consultation and action planning in partnership with leadership team provides a framework for customized restorative justice discipline plan/implementation.
Initial training for all adults in a school (or other youth serving organization) provides critical understandings and procedural strategies.

Customizable to your needs.

education, bullying, conflict, problem and people concept - students gossiping behind classmate back at school

Understanding/Preventing/ Responding To Student Misbehavior


A recommended prerequisite training for teachers and other staff members who work in schools or youth-serving organizations. Participants gain: critical understandings about behavior as a symptom and a form of communication, tools for identifying the underlying purpose of student behaviors, strategies for setting up the conditions that make problematic behavior less likely to happen, and strategies for responding effectively in the moment when students do exhibit problematic behaviors.

Customizable to your needs.

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Restorative Justice School Discipline


Recommended for all instructional staff and school administrators. Participants learn a variety of ways to implement the steps of the Restorative Learning Process, which can be adapted to meet the unique needs of various school and classroom settings.

Customizable to your needs.

English Language Learner
Differentiation (ELL)


Collaboration and assessment are at the forefront of every educational conversation. Meeting the varied needs of our students in today’s classrooms can be an exhaustive task. As the demographics of Maine’s schools change and diversify, knowledge of how to create clear learning targets and accurate assessments for English Language Learners becomes increasingly more complex for all teachers. It is important to assess ELLs with adequate data in order to design instruction, plan lessons, and support ELLs in gaining academic language to give them access to the content and to leverage their opportunities for academic success.

Customizable to your needs.

Neuroscience of Behavior, Engagement, Motivation, and Learning!


The developing brain is fast, highly adaptable, and primed for growth.  Learn strategies for supporting positive behaviors, increased engagement and motivation, and maximized learning from a brain-based perspective!

Customizable to your needs.

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