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"From the moment I walked into the venue, I could feel the energy and positive buzz. This was one of the best gatherings of educators and community leaders I have attended. Everyone there was whole-heartedly invested in creating a positive space for kids to learn. I am really looking forward to attending the next one!"

Ed Cervone

Executive Director, Educate Maine

"These CPI people are hearts-on-legs! I attended their first conference and, from there, I was hooked! I will never miss The Maine Event!!"

Karen Williams

National Speaker/Trainer, Neuroscience and Education / Juvenile Justice

" This was a fantastic and eclectic professional development program for my staff! The overall message about positive school culture and the effective interventions were just what we needed to energize us and focus our efforts heading into the new school year. I highly recommend that a school send its entire leadership team in the summer before they develop their goals for the upcoming year." 

Joshua Ottow

2015 Maine Assistant Principal of the Year

"Moving us to tears and to laughter, frequently in the same session, the presenters modeled the profound impact that connections between school adults and children can make. It was simply my favorite conference of the decade!  CPI reminds us all about why we do this work,  in both inspiring us and in providing practical take-aways!"

Jodi McGuire,

Director of Instructional Support, Yarmouth School Department


RECENT Professional Development Offerings:

The Restorative Mindset:   Course at South Portland School Department ...

Participants engaged in a weekly course, designed to support deep understandings around student behavior and our responses as educators and school leaders. Practical, evidence-based strategies were provided in the context of both the underlying research and pragmatic experiences of educators in the field.

The State-Wide Trauma-Informed Practices Workshop Series

The CPI team traveled across the state to provide a monthly professional development workshop to widely share evidence-based and emerging best practices for supporting all youth, and particularly those youth who have experienced significant trauma and/or challenges.



As an educational organization, the Collaborative for Perpetual Innovation (CPI) feels compelled to express, in no uncertain terms, our stance on the climate of increasing division in our country. As expressed through our ongoing work in both public and private schools, CPI believes strongly in inclusivity and in the power of love. We believe that during times of conflict people can transcend differences through engagement with “the other” and a through a willingness to grapple honestly with the infinite complexity which makes America unique. As educators, we must continue to bravely confront hatred and bigotry; we must teach love and compassion while modeling relentless positivity.  Building physical or metaphorical walls that divide and marginalize people based on their religious, racial, ethnic, and cultural groups, or on their political parties, genders, sexual orientation, or other real or perceived characteristics, leads to isolation, fear, intolerance, and weakness. Given our collective history of direct lineage to immigrants and refugees, we understand that the very fabric of our society is woven from multicolored threads, each one a story of seeking refuge in a hopeful, compassionate place. We must pull together to find a common purpose as we forge a future that works for all people. 

As educators – and the founders of CPI – we commit our hearts, our energy, the work of our minds and of our hands to the promotion of a smarter, kinder world.

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